When creating a new product, the Italdesign team works alongside the client in the various design and executive phases, as partner and supplier, thanks to the possibility of offering all the services connected to the execution of the design, with the guarantee of a fast and professional response.

We can support the client for:

  • estimate on the investment

  • acquisition of new proposals

  • equipment inspection

  • revision of designs also made by other entities

  • execution of molding, using a trusted workshop

  • laser scanning

  • reverse engineering*

* allows digitizing a piece or an object that has no CAD description and create 3D models that may be used to reproduce the item.

Transposing designs from 2d to 3d

Italdesign team converts 2D into 3D designs.
It helps companies that often cannot address this need, since this type of intervention involves training in new skills and requires the work of transposition of the old 2D designs in a new format.
Many of the industrial procedures are bypassed through an external source, able to be more convenient and reliable in the transposition of the old designs.
Thanks to specific experience and through special software, Italdesign is able to develop the task quickly, carefully, and reliably, with predictable costs.

Featured Projects

Some of the projects that we have created with specifications and images.

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