Rapid Prototyping (RP) is a technology that makes possible the execution, in just a few hours and without the help of tools, of objects of geometrically complex, directly from the mathematical model of the design made on a three-dimensional CAD system.

Italdesign is a company sensitive to technological innovations with the knowledge that businesses tend to shorten the passage between the concept phase and the exit of the product on the market. Time-to-market is significantly reduced.
Rapid prototyping meets the requirements of those companies that need fast execution of functional prototypes, accelerating the creation of a model of a part, or an assembly, through three-dimensional design (CAD).


For a quote to measure, you may include the effective volume in cm3 of the prototype to be created in the box below, to quickly receive an approximate cost estimate.

Calculation prototypes
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You may request a confirmation by sending an mail to > info@it-design.it, attaching a design in 3D format (step, iges, parasolid, sat) or in stl format.

Honeycomb Execution

In some cases, the esthetic prototype can be made with a “honeycomb” filling, saving on execution costs.

Request an individual quote by sending an mail to info@it-design.it, attaching a design in 3D format (step, iges, parasolid) or stl format.


  • a prototype allows being able to perform a functional inspection of the item

  • a demonstrative model helps to understand any errors in a phase in which it is still relatively inexpensive to resolve them

  • improve an existing product, perfect the functioning and optimize the industrial and manufacturing processes

  • the prototypes allow clearly and immediately communicating the designs to a partner, client or other

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The Technology Dimension Elite ®

The new technology of Dimension Elite allows the execution of prototypes directly in material ABS, through deposition of material from a heated head.

This material allows excellent reproduction of details and great dimensional precision. Thanks to SST technology (soluble support), in just a few hours the machine is able to produce prototypes with the same characteristics as the final details.

Automatic Functioning of the 3d Dimension molder

The Catalyst software automatically imports the STL file, orients the piece, sections the file, generates the support structure (if needed) and creates a precise route of sedimentation for construction of the model in ABS, optimizing the structural resistance, the space and the quantity of support material use, reducing performance times to a minimum.

Multiple models may be included in the construction folder obtain the greatest efficiency.

Dimensions that can be made

Work field 203 x 203 x 305 mm (20 x 20 x 30 cm)

For larger pieces, it is possible to create partial components and proceed to their union through in tungsten pins and adhesive.


Plastic ABS in standard colors (white, blue, yellow, black, red, green or gray).
When required, the molded parts may be painted to obtain any result, including a metallic effect.

Thickness of the layer

0.254 mm or 0.178 mm of ABS and support material, deposited with the greatest precision.

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