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  • Molding material:
  • Shrinkage: 1.8%
  • Type of mold:
  • Mold dimensions: 840x580x700
  • Nr. Moving inserts / parts
    Slide core: 7
    Angular slide core: 2
  • Injection:
  • Production: 3/2012


Injection mold capable of producing the following parts:

  • 3 figures  1dx+1sx +1 band hadle

This is a standard mold, with nozzle injection, mechanical movements.


The company, based in Jesi, specialized in industrial design, 3d rapid prototyping, mold design, 3d printing, solid modeling, product engineering, industrial testing. ItalDesign has chosen to operate in all sectors of the market that require an injection mold. The process of engineering design allows you to realize the ideas into 3D files. From the 3D files we can make a prototye and after its approval we can start to the develop of the mold. We make feasibility studies and the simplification of the product, in order to obtain a reduction of the process costs.

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