Engineering is the phase in which the most suitable technology and solutions are sought to create a functional and esthetic product at the lowest cost possible.
This phase allows performing co-designs to arrive at corrections to the initial design, useful for reducing the molding costs and optimizing the manufacturing process.


Continual dialogue with the client, the overall analysis of the design, the knowledge of the materials and manufacturing processes, and the feasibility study allow uniting technology with the creative area to create the new ideas at the lowest possible cost.
Our intention is to perform feasibility studies and simply the product, to obtain a decrease in processing costs.
Engineering procedures allow transforming the esthetic idea into the 3D file needed for execution of the prototypes and molding.
In collaboration with the client, our team defines the specific design, economic, dimension, ergonomic, mechanical, technical, esthetic, in compliance with the required regulations.
In this phase are taken into consideration the technical and functional aspects of the details (such as for example the placement of batteries, rotating covers, rubber inserts, projection for screws), taking advantage both of our experience, and the usefulness of specific advanced software.

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