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Who we are

Italdesign was founded in 1998 with a team of expert professionals in the industrial design sector and now designs thermoplastic, co-molded, bi-material and gas molding.

The ItalDesign team has chosen to operate in all the market sectors that use injection molding. With this intention and the experience gained over the years, ItalDesign has developed the know-how needed in every sector to choose, along with the client, the best to promptly face the problems that every sector presents.


  • creativity

  • professionalism

  • inventiveness

  • passion

  • technological innovation

  • continued research

  • careful choice of the most suitable materials

  • attention to detail

  • personalized client solutions


Feasibility studies, development and creation of new products, rapid prototyping, design molding, molding 3D, design and development of special equipment, laser scanning and reverse engineering.


is engineering of a product that originates from an idea and arrives at the finished product, with a good executive design, passing through the prototyping of esthetic and functional objects.



Featured Projects

Some of the projects that we have created with specifications and images.

Our Projects

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